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Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal review!





The Smooth 4 is designed with a long trigger that can initiate two different modes. Once the bottom portion of the trigger is held down, the gimbal will allow smooth up, down, left and right movements. Once the upper portion of the trigger is held down, the gimbal goes up, down, left and right a lot faster.

Just like other gimbals, the Smooth 4 can also be adjusted to shoot in portrait mode for vertical footage or selfies.

Smooth 4


Bluetooth and an app is required to fully operate the Smooth 4 with a phone. Instead of featuring a traditional joystick, the Smooth 4 is designed with a scroll wheel and a button in the middle for easy menu navigation. The white balance, resolutions, flash, HDR, and other settings can be adjusted through the app.

The app was designed to be user-friendly and the buttons were easy enough to push without any problems.


One of Smooth 4’s unique features is the wheel placed on the left side of the gimbal. The wheel can be used to adjust the zoom and focus, making it ideal for creating unique shots like a Dolly Zoom.

Smooth 4


When a Samsung S9 was used on the Smooth 4, part of the gimbal appeared on the right side of the footage. After physically switching the mode to manual, the Smooth 4 stayed on automatic until the settings were manually changed. The app was also semi problematic with the Android device; the app’s tracking feature proved to be incompatible on the Samsung S9.


With a new zoom wheel and lockable gimbal arm, the Smooth 4 proved to be better gimbal than the Smooth Q. The new gimbal shot stable footage, and it is built with little details that add to a positive experience. Even though the cons were mostly app related, future updates can fix the problems that were encountered in this test. For $139, the Smooth 4 is a great choice, but We Talk UAV will put in the ring against the other mobile phone gimbals to see how it compares in another video.

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