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Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal review!




The new Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a 3-axis handheld gimbal built for smartphones. Since newer phones have 4K capabilities, mobile phone footage can be combined with drone footage thanks to stabilizers, making it ideal for lightweight travelling. Here is an in-depth Smooth 4 review video showing everything from the build quality to the gimbal’s footage:

Build quality

Even though the gimbal is made mostly of plastic, it felt sturdy and seemed like it would survive a drop.

Smooth 4

The gimbal also featured a locking mechanism to keep the arm from swaying.

Smooth 4

The included tripod base screws onto the bottom of the Smooth 4 for a leveled shot.

Unlike other gimbals We Talk UAV tested, the Smooth 4 is built with a dedicated switch for Pan Follow and Lock Mode. In Pan Follow Mode, the gimbal restricts vertical movement and only allows left to right panning. In Lock Mode, the user can freely move the gimbal, but the phone will stay in a fixed position.

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