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ZeroTech Hesper – DJI Mavic Knockoff?




zerotech top view

ZeroTech Hesper is an upcoming pocket drone with a DJI Mavic like design. You may have heard ZeroTech from their previous Dobby Mini Pocket Drone, but this drone is completely new to the company’s usual line of drones.


How Can You Control It?

Apparently, it’s controllable via smartphone or by the optional controller.

How Far Does It Go?

If the smartphone app is being used in conjunction with the ZeroTech Hesper, then 100 meters or 328 feet is the approximate maximum distance. The optional controller may cost more, but it’ll add more distance, and it’ll be easier to control. The controller is also foldable like a DJI Mavic controller.

DJI Mavic controller

How Much Will This Cost?

Since the DJI Mavic seems to be the direct competition, it will most likely be priced less than the $999.00 price tag that comes standard with DJI’s drone.

What’s the Flight Time?

ZeroTech has reported an 18 minute flight time for their “advanced pocket drone”


ZeroTech has not disclosed all of its key features, but they have announced that the Hesper is a 4K capable drone.

ZeroTech 4k


The specific dimensions are still unknown, but its size is definitely smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro. It’s 4-axis foldable design is also similar to DJI’s drone.


The gimbal on the ZeroTech Hesper has been speculated to rely on a single axis.

When’s the Release Date?

ZeroTech is aiming to release the Hesper by this summer!

zerotech logo

ZeroTech Hesper or DJI Mavic Pro?

ZeroTech, like many other companies, has aimed to take a piece of consumer profit from the growing drone industry, yet their designs are obviously lacking in originality. As an owner of a DJI product, it is difficult to say that this ZeroTech Hesper can topple the DJI Mavic’s capabilities. If the one axis gimbal is truly a standard feature, then it is already inferior compared to the DJI Mavic.

ZeroTech Hesper

ZeroTech Hesper

Mavic Pro Unfolded View Top View

DJI Mavic Pro

Understandably, consumers will always look for cost effective alternatives that give similar to better results as their competitors, but this ZeroTech Hesper seems to be a mere direct clone to a DJI Mavic. The only success that this drone may obtain is from its low price point. This, like the Walkera Vitus, might just be a mimicry of the DJI Mavic Pro. If the price difference of this Hesper is $200, then get the DJI Mavic. A three axis gimbal alone distinguishes great footage from action camera like shaky footage. If they can price this at a low rate, then the Hesper might have a chance in the drone market.

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