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Yuneec’s new Mantis Q drone flies up to 33 minutes, and it has voice control!




Stabilized videos

Instead of featuring a 3-axis gimbal, Mantis Q is designed to stabilize videos up to 1080p with image stabilization. Technically, Yuneec’s drone is built to shoot 4K videos up to 30 fps, but image stabilization only works for 1080p video up to 60fps.

Availability and purchase options

Pre-orders for the Mantis Q can be placed on Yuneec’s official site, and shipping is expected to start in September. The drone can be purchased in the standard setup or the X pack. The standard setup includes a remote control, battery, spare propellers and a charger that charges up to three batteries. The X Pack includes the controller, three batteries and two sets of spare propellers. The standard setup is priced at $499.99, while the X Pack’s price has yet to be announced.

Mantis Q is pre-programmed to prevent drone pilots from flying in designated no-fly zones.

Consider waiting for reviews!

Mantis Q is packed with features that give other similarly-priced consumer quadcopters a run for their money, but the lack of a 3-axis gimbal must be taken into consideration, especially for drone pilots looking to film videos with as little shake as possible. Digitally stabilized videos may be enough for social media posts where video quality is less of a priority, but drone videos shot on 3-axis gimbal almost always beat electronically stabilized videos, especially since digital stabilization typically crops the video. If consistent, buttery smooth drone videos is a must, consider waiting for reviews or some actual flight footage before pre-ordering the Mantis Q.

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