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Yuneec’s new Mantis Q drone flies up to 33 minutes, and it has voice control!




Yuneec released US pre-orders for Mantis Q, a portable quadcopter that can receive voice commands and recognize faces. The $499.99 camera drone can shoot 4K videos, 13 MP photos, and it has a flight time rated up to 33 minutes! The drone’s removable battery can also be fully charged in one hour, making it ideal for light travel. A video showcasing the Mantis Q’s new features can be seen in this YouTube video by Yuneec:

Mantis Q specs

The Mantis Q is a 480-gram drone that is built with foldable arms to maximize portability. It has a top speed rated at 44.7 mph in Sport and Manual mode, but the Yuneec drone also has other flights modes that allow the drone pilot to fly the quadcopter indoors or by mobile phone app only. Indoor flights with the Mantis Q is stabilized, even without GPS or GLONASS satellites connected because of dual sonar sensors and an infrared sensor. The included Mantis flight controller is based on open source project PX4, which Yuneec described as safe from any unintentional data transfer to any external server.

Mantis Q

Mantis Q has a maximum flight distance rated at 2,624 feet.

How does voice control work?

Voice recognition is enabled through the app, so the drone pilot must use the mic on the smartphone to relay commands like “wake up, take off, land, start recording and take a picture.”

Mantis Q comes equipped with intelligent flight modes like point of interest and journey mode.

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