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Yuneec Breeze vs Hover Camera vs Zerotech Dobby -Selfie Drones Battle!




Today is all about selfie drones. We managed to review three of the most popular selfie drones on a market right now:

  • Yuneec Breeze,
  • Hover Camera and
  • Zerotech Dobby.

All these drones fall in the same pricing category from 300 to 600 bucks. So we figured out that it would be fair to make a comparison. Sadly for these prices, you can’t expect anything more than a toy. High-class toy, I would say. So of course, selfie drones won’t be any close to the Phantom, Mavic or even Typhoon H. But are the selfie drones any good and should you pick one up for yourself?

Wetalkuav Selfie Drones Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze

Wetalkuav Selfie Drones Hover Camera

Hover Camera

Wetalkuav Selfie Drones Zerotech Dobby

Zerotech Dobby

Check our comprehensive video review that puts Yuneec Breeze, Hover Camera and Dobby Drone side by side.


All three drones came with a nice package and most of them included some extra items such as ND filters, propellers, prop guards and extra batteries. The Hover Camera appeared to be the best in terms of the package. It came with a nice soft case and well-organized boxes. Also, we were really excited about the ND filter that came with the Dobby. Yuneec Breeze, though, came in the white hard plastic case like some kind of medical equipment. 

Hover camera -Selfie drones

Mobile App & Flight Features

All 3 of these drones are controlled by mobile apps. This feature is really nice because you won’t need to carry a controller every time you want to fly these drones but of course you will always need your phone charged, as flying consumes a lot of energy. So make sure you shut down your Tinder app and save some battery. The apps are easy enough for beginners and they all offer pretty much the same features: video mode, photo mode, a few flight indicators and in some of them you’ll have face recognition, 360º or even tracking mode, but don’t expect too much from toys.

Selfie drones app

Image Comparison

You will have a better idea of the image quality watching the video but the main point here is that they are good enough for still images but the video is not cool at all. They advertise 4K capabilities but you should know that all of the 4K video is not stabilized. And if you want more or less stable video you will only get 1080p because of the Digital Image Stabilization Crop.

Photo taken with Yuneec Breeze

Photo taken with Yuneec Breeze

Photo taken with Hover Camera

Photo taken with Hover Camera

Photo taken with Zerotech Dobby

Flight Time

Another disadvantage of Hover, Breeze, and Dobby is the +- 10 minutes flying time. Think about it. Is it worth to charge and carry a drone just for a 10 minutes fly? Who in the world would be satisfied with 10 min?! (if you know what I mean)  With these drones extra batteries is a must! Dobby drone appears to be very disappointing as needs more than 2 hours to fully charge a battery. Yuneec Breeze also showed very poor results in terms of indoor flight stability, although Hover is really good for hovering (probably that’s why they named it Hover)

selfie drones flight time

Should you buy one of these selfie drones?

If you want a top class toy to show off to your friends and you don’t mind spending $400 or even $600 on it, sure just get one. But if you want a stable footage, precise controls, something that can fly farther than 50m and longer than 10 minutes, you shouldn’t ever consider a selfie drone, at least not the Breeze, Hover or Dobby.

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But eventually, it all comes down to what you want from the drone. So whatever you choose, as long as it makes you happy, your choice is the best!

Thanks for reading!


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