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Yuneec Aviation Suppliers Demand Debts be Paid




Yuneec Aviation is a company, well-known for the Intel’s investment of $60M USD and their Typhoon H and Breeze drones that were very hot sometime last year but almost got forgotten by the drone community and sunk down in the shine of the strong competitors like Mavic and P4 Pro.

According to the Tencent News Yuneec’s hardware and services, suppliers came over to the Yuneec HQ and stood out in front of the gates with banners demanding to pay the debts. 

Yuneec Aviation debts

Suppliers Demand Debts Be Paid

In response to the Tencent News Yuneec said: We have recently cooperated with the specific suppliers and there is a need for both sides in-depth communication matters, mainly due to the product quality and payment details problems. Both sides are trying to find a rational way to resolve these issues.

Yuneec Typhoon H

This is not the first time partners have serious problems with Yuneec. Previously there have been reports about another PR company that Yuneec hired, but didn’t pay for the services. Currently, the PR company has already started legal action against Yuneec Aviation.

In March 2017 Yuneec has cut undisclosed amount of jobs in the United States to save some money and shrink operational costs.

Yuneec Typhoon H520 and Valet

Everything shows that despite huge investment from Intel, Yuneec is still experiencing financial problems. Will company survive or end up like 3D Robotics and Parrot?

It will depend on their new products performance.

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