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YouTubers partake in drone jousting to the death!




drone jousting

Jousting was once played as a medieval sport where two knights would attempt to unhorse each other using a lance. Now, some YouTubers have taken the age-old sport and mixed it with the latest technology. By taking two drones and strapping them with wooden sticks, drone jousting was invented. One example of this possible sport can be seen in YouTuber Sam and Niko’s video. To make things more interesting, they jousted their drones over a riverbed. The video is about 12 minutes long, but the actual drone jousting is only found in the beginning:

The idea of medieval jousting was to take two high speed horseman, equipped with lances, and ram them into each other. The last man standing would be declared as the victor. YouTubers Sam and Niko took that same idea and converted their toy drones into jousting machines. In attempt to recreate the high fatality rate that was notorious with the sport of jousting, the drones battled on top of water, which meant the loser’s drone would fall to its death.

drone jousting

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