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YouTuber tours drone propeller factory in China!




The propellers are then pushed out one by one.

Cardboard box is used as a catch tray for freshly molded propellers.

Propellers need to be snapped off like a model kit.

After the two propellers are removed, the remaining plastic will get melted down and recycled.

If a propeller fails, it will get sent into a reject bag where it will also get recycled.

The factory that Flyers District toured even made DJI Phantom 3 propellers.


The small factory even molded a new design by Lumenier.

Different drone companies send their designs to factories like the one Flyers District toured, and those propellers need to pass a quality test to ensure they are safe and suitable for everyday drone flights. Even though propellers are engineered to look simple, their creation takes an intricate process.

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