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YouTuber creates giant Lego helicopter drone!




At first glance, Adam Woodworth’s giant Lego helicopter looks like it flies just like any RC helicopter, but it’s actually a quadcopter with motors installed on the landing skids. The supersized Lego helicopter can be seen flying in this video by YouTuber ajw61185:

Woodworth’s creation was inspired from a 6396 International Jetport Lego set that was released in 1990. The giant Lego helicopter is ten times the size of the original toy helicopter. Instead of building the UAV with real Legos, sheet EPS covered with 3mm depron foam were used to recreate the Lego look, which also helped keep the weight down to a little over 4.5 lbs. A 4s 4000mAh battery and an Acro Naze 32 flight controller were also equipped on the drone.

“As with all my builds, this is strictly for fun,” wrote Woodworth in his YouTube video description.

The helicopter on the top left of the image shows the inspiration behind the giant Lego Helicopter.

Since the UAV flies with four propellers, the main rotor blade and tail rotor were built into the drone for looks.

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