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YouTuber creates FPV quad out of pizza and flies it!





Here’s a detailed list of the parts deDrone used for this video:

Motors: EMAX 2205

ESCs: Racestar 30A

PCB: Hubosd XT60

Controller: Naze32 F3

VTX: Eachine RX526 

Camera:  hs1177 clone

Batteries: 1300 lipo

Transmitter: Taranis 9xD Plus

Headset: Fat Shark HD2

Recording Camera: RunCam 2

Pizza Frame

Superfine wheat flour

Chorizo or pepperoni

1 Bell pepper

1 Cup of water

Romano cheese

Olives (optional)

Moment of truth

The YouTuber actually got the drone to lift off and fly, but cheese started flying off the frame once it hit the air. El Drone Pizza successfully flew around in circles at the park, but once deDrones initiated a roll, the pizza drone collapsed. The FPV quad was destroyed once it crashed. The battery was found about a foot away from the rest of the parts, while the frame was reduced to pizza bites.

About deDrone’s YouTube Channel


The YouTube channel was created to specialize in drones, racing drones and anything that flies or operates by radio control. Dedrone is also known for creating videos with humor for teaching purposes and entertainment. He has built FPV quadcopters out of Legos and even made a Star Wars TIE Fighter from scratch.

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