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YouTuber creates FPV quad out of pizza and flies it!





Spanish-speaking YouTuber deDrones built an FPV quad out of the usual components but with one unique twist: a pizza frame. The quad, which was named “El Drone Pizza,” was created from scratch in the kitchen. For those interested in recreating the pizza frame, the YouTuber also made a tutorial and flight test video:

DeDrone first created two slabs of dough and combined them to form an X frame, but after 40 minutes in the oven, the final product was unusable because it resembled a burnt piece of toast. Even though the bread was rigid enough, it became too stiff, which meant it was prone to falling apart.

After learning from the first attempt, deDrone rolled out a larger single piece of dough and used a knife to cut out the drone’s frame. The pizza’s toppings were then added, and after 40 minutes in the oven, El Drone Pizza’s frame became usable .


“El Drone Pizza”

Once the ESCs, motors, battery, GoPro and all the other parts were added to the baked pizza frame, El Drone Pizza weighed 618 grams. A Velcro strapped was also used in deDrone’s setup, as well as eight screws to mount the motors.


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