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YouTuber Casey Neistat delivers pizza with drone!




Casey Neistat is known for his vlogs on YouTube, but every now and then Neistat reviews products in a segment he calls Tech Review Tuesday. In a video released today, boxes of fan mail were opened until Neistat found a product worth featuring in his show. The product was a release device specifically made for the DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 series. In effort to combat the bad reputation drones have earned by airdropping illegal objects, Neistat decided to put a positive spin on drone release devices by creating a pizza delivery drone. Here is his video:

After ordering a box of pizza, Neistat and his friend went to a local park in New York to test the drone drop system. Neistat used a Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian and attached a slice of pizza via clamp and string. The drone easily lifted the single slice, and then Neistat flew the pizza to his friend at the other end of the park. Even though the drone was flying precisely over his friend, the miscommunication between the two resulted in the pizza smacking the friend on the head. Neistat then went for a second delivery, and his friend successfully caught and ate the pizza.



Screenshot of Casey Nesitat’s video shows the view from the drone.

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