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YouTuber AuthenTech compares Parrot ANAFI vs. DJI Mavic Air!




The Parrot ANAFI was officially released on July 1 for $699, so its price places it in direct competition to DJI’s latest release: the Mavic Air. Both drones are designed with the ability to shoot 4K 100 Mbps videos, and they are about the same size. Since the Parrot ANAFI was released to give DJI a run for their money, YouTuber AuthenTech created a comparison video to reveal the pros and cons between the two travel-friendly drones:

Size, weight & portability

The ANAFI weighed in at 320 grams, while the Mavic Air weighed in at 430 grams. Both drones are about the same size when unfolded. When the arms are folded in, the ANAFI is thinner and longer, while the Mavic Air is stubbier and shorter. AuthenTech said both drones can easily fit inside a backpack, but the Mavic Air has a smaller footprint.

Screenshot from AuthenTech’s video.

Battery life & charge times

The ANAFI is rated with a 25-minute flight time, whereas the Mavic Air is rated with a 21-minute flight time. The ANAFI can be charged via USB-C, but AuthenTech said the recharge time for a single battery can take anywhere from two and a half to five hours! The Mavic Air can be fully charged within 55 minutes, which is a lot faster!

Screenshot from AuthenTech’s video.


Even though the ANAFI is rated to go up to 33 mph, AuthenTech’s radar gun clocked the drone’s top speed at 31 mph. The Mavic Air clocked in at 33 mph, but AuthenTech may have only flown the drone in P-Mode. Sport Mode on the Mavic Air can be used to make the drone fly up to 42.5 mph, but obstacle avoidance sensors will be disabled.

Screenshot from AuthenTech’s video.


Both drones are rated to travel distances up to 2.5 miles. To test which drone is more reliable in terms of transmission signal, AuthenTech flew both drones down the same flight path.

Parrot ANAFI range

AuthenTech experienced a malfunction with the ANAFI when he flew the drone out and back. The ANAFI ended up backing up on its own until it clipped some bushes. The YouTuber said the drone failed to respond when he attempted to “hit the brakes.”

Screenshot from AuthenTech’s video.

AuthenTech said he was about 30 feet away when the drone lost connection, but even after the ANAFI hit some bushes, it recovered and connected back to the controller for a safe flight home.

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