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Experts warn it’s too easy to learn to build killer drones online




Internet giant YouTube has been criticized by security experts for making tutorials about how to assemble ‘killer drones’ too accessible.

The UK’s Sun newspaper interviewed several US security officials who claimed that if someone was so inclined, after watching several YouTube tutorials, it would be “terrifyingly easy” to build a drone that can identify and attack targets autonomously.

If you ever decide to search this topic yourself (hopefully out of curiosity, rather than the intention of making your own), it doesn’t take long poking around YouTube to find multiple videos of guns rigged to drones.

This video was posted to YouTube in 2015 and shows a handgun a US teenager rigged to a drone firing

YouTube, for its part, claims to take down content which provides instructional modification or transformation of a firearm in order to make it more dangerous or deadly. While it’s obviously difficult (next to impossible) to completely regulate the accessibility of internet content – large social networks will need to be cautious with hosting videos or tutorials of how to build deadly weapons. Those determined to do society harm will ultimately find a

Although it is a drum we bang fairly often, the risk posed to society by autonomous drones cannot be overstated. What to learn more? Here’s an article from last year in which Elon Musk warns about killer drones.

Security experts are particularly concerned about how easy it would be for a terrorist group to use information easily found on YouTube to make drones that could inflict deadly damage to a population. There have already been multiple times when the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) used consumer drones to carry out attacks on targets.

The Sun spoke with Pentagon defence expert and ex-US Army Ranger Paul Scharre. He explained that it would take someone mere moments to locate all the software and pieces needed to build a weaponized drone.

Mr Scharre, told SunOnline: “It’s a terrifying reality that we’re going to have to confront.”

“People can build simple autonomous weapons and carrier weapons for terrorist attacks from their garage.”

We have already seen many instances where a single drone can cause chaos in society, particularly when one flies near an airport. Look no further than last year’s Gatwick incident in the UK.  One or several drones disrupted 1000 flights and delayed more than 130,000 passengers in the run-up to Christmas. With the addition of weapons and automated algorithms, it’s not hard to envision consumer drones being used by individuals or groups who wish to cause harm to others.

In the US, it is legal to build and use a weaponized drone – as long as you fly it on your own property.

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