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YING Drone- More Foldable Drones Please!




Foldable drone

Before talking about YING drone let’s take a look at the UAV industry first. As you could see for last two years, making drones has become a big trend for a lot of companies from different industries. Now it’s become fashionable to get into the drone industry although unfortunately it’s not about the cool ideas or dreams. It’s all about the money.  As many corporate marketing meetings would say to one another, “Hmmm, I got a big name and loads of money… Drones will be my next investment.”  Look at the Google, Intel, GoPro, Amazon, DHL and now Qualcomm and Tencent as an example.

Brand new YING is the product made by cooperation of 3 companies: Tencent, ZeroTech and Qualcomm. However this drone is branded as a Tencent product.

  • Tencent is the largest and most influential internet company in China. They specialize in domestic social media, news platforms as well as messengers and mobile games.
  • Zero Tech is a well-known drone manufacturer in China. They have been making drones for years but most of the models are huge and professional.
  • Qualcomm is one of the leading telecommunication companies that has intention to get into the drone business as well.

So after a brief introduction, let’s take a look at the product itself.

YING drone

Futuristic design of YING drone

It’s a mini quadcopter with super wide FOV camera. Its lens field of view is as wide as 190 degrees. With no gimbal it’s using digital image stabilization. YING drone doesn’t have a remote controller, instead it’s using your mobile phone for communication.

Let’s take a look at some basic specs of the YING drone:

Weight 425 g

Package size 319*319*95 mm

Frame size 225 mm

Propeller size 152mm

Battery 100 x 38.5 x 21.5mm

Ying drone size

Ying Drone Size


Sensor 13MP SONY 1/3 CMOS

Highest resolution 4208*3120

Fixed focus FOV 190 degrees super wide

Aperture F2.2

Focal length 1.81Equal to 13mm

Minimal focal distance 36.8cm-Infinity

Camera pitch +-15°

Video resolution 1080P1920*1080 720P1280*720


3S LiPo

Capacity 1650mAh

Charging time 1h

Flight time 15 minutes

Wi-Fi Communication

Image transmission speed 10M/S (depends on Wi-Fi environment)

Image transmission resolution

720P1280*720 480P640*480


Live streaming feature

Ying drone black

Ying Drone Comes in Black color too

Recently, there are more and more compact drones on a market such as Yuneec Breeze, Dobby, DJI Mavic and GoPro Karma .  Ying drone is a great addition with its cool design and great features. The very special features of YING are the Follow Me mode and Gesture mode-the same as on DJI’s Mavic. However, the Follow Me mode doesn’t require any GPS. It tracks the object using a camera (the same technology as the Phantom 4 and Mavic). Gesture mode also appeared first on a DJI Mavic but YING drone is promising to be able to recognize gestures and take pictures and videos as well. Overall seems to be a great product and it’s available for preorder now.

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Thanks for reading!

Now you’re going to post a comment and ask about the price, right?

-It’s only $300 USD! 


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