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CES 2017: Yi Erida – The Impressive 75 mph Drone





 Yi Technology showcased their first new drone called the Yi Erida. This tricopter is developed by Atlas Dynamics, and they teamed up with Yi to utilize their cameras. It is equipped with some major heat. Its full carbon fiber body weights less than the conventional drone, and it’s 5 times stronger than steel. With an impressive 40 minute flight time claim, this agile drone can reach speeds up to 120 km/h or about 75 mph.

Foldable Design

Yi Erida foldable design

Yi Erida folded is not too much smaller

Portability was definitely kept in mind when the engineers designed this new drone. It is made with two foldable arms that can ensure a transportable fit for most large backpacks.

Yi Erida Removable Camera

Although this Yi model is still a prototype, the final product will include a removable gimbal, but it’s nothing like the GoPro Karma. It seems that it was made to be removable so that it doesn’t protrude when it is folded. This might be designed to further complement the portability aspect that is was built around. When asked about other compatible cameras, the Yi 4k camera seemed to be the only optimized action camera available for this model. The Yi action camera will come with the drone according to the floor representative.

Yi 4K Camera on Erida

How Do You Control This Thing?

The final Yi Erida is designed to be operated on a mobile device. The controllers seemed simple, and it easily switched into landscape mode. The app equips the pilot with different flight 7 modes. The modes are follow, random, beam, focus, orbit, free flight, and mission mode. Although details about these modes weren’t fully disclosed, the options to have these available features as stock is quite impressive. Do also note that their demo drone was flown on a regular R/C controller, so the mobile app’s real capability wasn’t displayed just yet.  Eventually there should be a real RC; otherwise, how are you going to fly it at 75 mph? 

Yi Erida App

Yi Erida Laser Guidance?

This wasn’t advertised, but the Yi Erida floor sample beamed a red laser right underneath its frame when it was flown as a demo. The red beam is similar to a red laser pointer, and it apparently worked enough to be flown in a small demo area that was surrounded with safety nets. The Yi representative said that the laser was used for altitude control, but the release of this on their final product is still up in the air. Obstacle avoidance will not be on their first model, but they plan on developing it for future releases. 

Yi Erida lazer

Yi Erida Features:

This 4k drone will weight 2.14lbs or 1.3kg, and it will come with a 6700mAh 14.8v HV removable Lithium battery that will take about 1.5 hours to fully charge. The range is rated at 5km, and it will run on 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wifi, which is similar to a P4P. The motors are 900kV, and its operating temperature is 5°F/ 104°F or (-15°/+40°C). The max payload is rated at 2.1lbs. The 12-inch propellers and the body are both made out of carbon fiber, so durability is definitely on another level than most consumer drones.

Yi Erida features

Yi Erida Price

Since they were still working on this, the price was not definite. When asked about the general price range, the Yi representative said that it will be around the $1000 range to compete with other drone companies.

Yi Erida Release Date

The general release date was still somewhat uncertain, but the targeted release date was said to be around March this year!

Yi Technology YI Erida


It’s an awesome drone since its features are some of the most sought after from the demanding consumer market, but it seems like this still needs some tuning before an official release is made.  Yi Technology is still a startup company, so they need to make sure that their Erida is finely polished before hitting the market because it seemed like their floor models still needed some work. Their reputation with their action cameras have been good, but drones are on a whole nother level.  Yi Technology is stating some ground breaking claims, so if they can stay true to their advertised features, then this drone can potentially be revolutionary.

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