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Atlas Dynamics : YI Erida And Atlas Pro Drones Coming Soon!




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Atlas Dynamics’ recent $8 million private funding milestone announcement means that the Yi Erida and the Atlas Pro drones are now one step closer to becoming available. Atlas Dynamics, a European based startup company, is looking to “lead the professional drone market with seamless high-end products.”

We Talk UAV covered the Yi Erida drone earlier this year at CES 2017, but it looks like the innovative company is aiming to release a newer drone called Atlas Pro for more industry specific tasks. With their new funding from private and institutional investors, Atlas Dynamics can now focus on releasing their consumer and professional grade drones in the near future.

atlas dynamics

Atlas Dynamics: YI Erida Drone

Atlas Dynamics and YI Technology partnered up to create the Erida drone. The tricopter’s 3 motor design is more than just unique, it is made to go up to 75 mph and stay in air for up to 40 minutes! When We Talk UAV saw the Yi Erida last January, a working model flew on the showroom, but it still seemed like it required some fine tuning. It has only been a few months, but it is safe to say that the team at Atlas Dynamics has been working hard on their newest products since they are even releasing another drone based on the Erida’s design.

YI Erida’s Camera

The YI 4K+ camera comes with the Erida, and it can separately be purchased right now for $329.98 with a waterproof case. The YI camera will be able to shoot videos in 4K at 60 fps, and it can shoot pictures in JPEG and in RAW formats. The release date for the Erida is around September. For now, here is a sample of the YI Erida’s photo capabilities:

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Atlas Pro

This professional drone is made for inspections, emergency, security, and delivery purposes. This drone is designed similarly to the Yi Erida, but it has a swappable payload system, and it can go about 87 mph! Some drones can go as far as 4.3 miles, but the Atlas Pro is a BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drone which has a range of about 31 miles!

atlas dynamics pro

Atlas Dynamics is claiming some impressive features for their upcoming drones!

If the YI Erida and the Atlas Pro can do just half of its proclaimed speeds and distances, then they will still be revolutionary drones since the flight times are more than double of most consumer grade drones available today.


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