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DJI Inspire 2 X7 Cinematic Longboard Video




The Zenmuse X7 camera for the Inspire 2 drone was just released last October, and DxOMark has already called it “DJI’s best sensor so far.” The X7 is a 6K capable camera, and it’s DJI’s first camera that utilizes the APS-C format sensor. It can also be equipped with DJI’s unique carbon fiber lenses, which makes it suitable for aerial photography. This camera was simply made for professionals. With all the stats aside, here is a look at the camera’s real-world performance through We Talk UAV’s X7 cinematic longboard video:

X7 Cinematic Longboard Video

The longboard footage and the scenes shot in varying distances were all taken on the X7. We Talk UAV used Full HD, 30 fps, standard color and REC 709 settings to shoot the longboarding video. Even though the scenes were only shot in 1080p for YouTube, it still showed the capabilities of the camera through the X7 cinematic video. From landscape shots to up-close scenes, the video displayed the types of shots the X7 can take. One of the scenes has two branches of wheat in focus while the background was blurred out. In the next scene, the foreground was blurred while the background was in focus; these shots show the X7’s ability to create movie-like shallow depth of field. The X7 was built to create films and shoot DSLR-like photos, and DxOMark even gave it the same overall score as a Nikon D7500.x7 cinematic

X7 vs. Phantom 4 Pro Camera

DxOMark gave the DJI Zenmuse X7 an overall score of 86, while the DJI Phantom 4 Pro received an overall score of 65. Both cameras were fairly close in their scores for shooting portraits and landscapes, but the X7 stood out in the sports or low-light ISO category. The X7 received a sports rating of 1482, while the Phantom 4 Pro only received a rating of 466. The X7’s low-light ISO rating backs up DJI’s claim of the X7’s superior noise control over their other cameras.

x7 cinematic

DxOMark’s camera rating table

The X7 camera can be utilized for movies since it has the ability to shoot diverse scenes, and that’s apparent in We Talk UAV’s X7 cinematic longboard video. Even using the footage for slow motion shots turned out smooth. Considering the size of the X7, it is truly a game changer because it is a movie camera and basically a DSLR in a compact size.


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