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The World’s Top Consumer Drone Company Clears 2.8 Billion USD in 2017

Derrick Threatt



It could be said that Chinese drones rule the sky. China is one of the largest manufacturers of drones globally with 70 % of its output being sold abroad. The Chinese Ministry of Industry and IT expects the sector to grow 40% each year by 2020 and 25% after that.

DJI expects its sales will reach RMB 18 billion ($2.7 billion) in 2017. Sales in 2016 increased by 65% year on year breaking the RMB 1 billion point. Consumer drones accounted for 80% of the profit. In 2018, DJI is planning on expanding its staff with special attention to the agriculture sector. The company has recently upped its stakes in the agricultural drone area by lowering the price of its drones by 12%—a move that has got its competitors worried. DJI holds 70% of the agricultural drone market. However, the company is yet to make a profit in that field.

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