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The World’s Top Consumer Drone Company Clears 2.8 Billion USD in 2017

Derrick Threatt



The drone industry has not slowed down, said DJI president Luo Zhenhua (Roger Luo) in an interview with Phoenix News (in Chinese). The Shenzhen-based drone maker is currently the world’s top seller of consumer drones, with a global market share of over 70%.

During the last two years, many drone companies have gone through a reform period, laying off workers as competition has gotten fiercer and startups found it harder to convince investors in their profitability. This has sparked doubts over the rise of the consumer drone market which was additionally hit in China with stricter regulation for personal use of drones.

However, according to Luo, this impression is a bit wrong, adding that they still need to be careful since “drones are not like mobile phones.” When people say that the industry is hot, they mean that the capital is hot, and now capital is back to reason, he said.

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