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Wonder Woman’s Drone Light Show in LA




Warner Bros. promoted the Blu-ray release of their record-breaking Wonder Woman movie with a drone light show on September 14, 2017 at Dodger’s Stadium in Los Angeles. Intel is the company behind the drone show, and you may have already seen their technology in events like the 2017 Super Bowl. With a synchronized group of 300 LED-carrying drones, various words and shapes formed complex patterns to illustrate Wonder Woman related displays using Intel’s drone swarming technology. To watch the full drone light show, here’s a video uploaded by YouTuber Batman On Film:

Just like the Super Bowl, the Wonder Woman Blu-ray release event had a drone light show and live music. Tina Guo, the musician behind the Wonder Woman main theme song, was also there to perform with her cello. The drones formed together to first display the DC logo. Then words like “Grace,” “Wisdom” and “Power” were illuminated by the drones. It didn’t just stop there. A silhouette of Wonder Woman taking a knee lit up the sky. A tiara and the official Wonder Woman logo were also formed by the LED swarm drones. The drone light show only lasted about 8 minutes, but it was a successful event for the all-female Intel team.

drone light show

Tina Guo Playing at the Wonder Woman Blu-ray release event. Credit: Snapshot of Nothing But Geek’s Video

September 19, 2017 is the official Blu-ray release date for Wonder Woman.

drone light show

Gal Gadot, the actress who played Wonder Woman, tweeted this on her page.

UAVs Behind the Drone Light Show

Intel’s Shooting Star drones are programmed to have over 4 billion red, green, blue and white color combinations. At only 330 grams, these foam and plastic built drones can fly anywhere from five to eight minutes. Shooting Star drones are also protected with a cage that covers the propellers. Only one computer is required to pilot the squad of drones, and Intel’s algorithms can create patterns in only a few days, which is an upgrade to the weeks or months it previously took to create an image. These types of UAVs are built with only one goal: choreographed drone light shows!

Drone Light Shows are the Future

Intel isn’t the only company creating drone swarms for entertainment purposes. Asian based companies such as EHang and Power Vision have comparable drones to Intel’s Shooting Star drones. 1000 UAVs is the record right now for the most airborne UAVs simultaneously flown, and EHang set that record last February in China. Lighting up the skies with 3D logos and complex displays with drones are on the rise, and various companies are interested in advancing this type of technology. Drone light shows will be seen more often in large events like the Blu-ray release of Wonder Woman, and they may one day even replace fireworks!



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