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Will Smith uses towel technique to land Mavic on boat




Will Smith

Will Smith, aka The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, crash landed a DJI Mavic on a boat by throwing a towel at it. The actor slash rapper, comedian and producer recently picked up vlogging on YouTube, and his latest video in Cabo, Mexico, shows him using a towel to neutralize a low-flying quadcopter. Here is Smith’s video celebrating a 100k subscriber milestone with clips of his towel technique being used on a Mavic.

While Smith was on a boat, his trainer used a Mavic to film. When it was time to return the drone, Smith threw a towel at the Mavic to secure a safe landing. Smith described his trainer as someone who “crashes the drone every single time.” The pilot also had a history of crash landing the Mavic, so the move to use a towel on the quadcopter may have been justified.

Will Smith

This screenshot is from Will Smith’s YouTube video.

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