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Will security drones become a new norm for the super wealthy?




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Developing this sort of system is far from cheap and there is potential, if the rollout in California is successful, to eventually provide this kind of setup at a price point affordable for the average family.

Questions we have:

  • Is there any chance the bee drones will eventually weaponized? It’s not hard to imagine that a future security drone might fire nets or deliver an electric shock although, that would probably open the bee owner to all sorts of lawsuits.
  • How sturdy is this thing? Will it be capable of flying in high winds or rain?
  • What happens to the data of the footage captured on the bee? If security drones upload their footage to the cloud, who has access to that data? We’ve written multiple times about concerns regarding privacy when it comes to drone surveillance. DJI has even been accused of failing to secure user data and some federal agencies even of using their drones to illegally spy, a claim DJI vigorously disputed.

Would you want a Sunflower Lab security drone? We’ll be super interested to see the success of this and other drone security systems.

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