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WienerDrone: Oscar Mayer’s New HotDog Delivering Quadcopter




The WienerDrone is the newest addition to Oscar Mayer’s promotional vehicles. Oscar Mayer has been serving premium hot dogs and sausages since 1883, and you may have seen their Wienermobile since it has been around since 1936. Oscar Mayer has also become the first major hot dog brand to remove nitrates from all their hot dogs; this means that there are less harmful substances for you to worry about when they air drop a hot dog from the sky. Aside from shooting photography and videos, quadcopters are being geared for advertising, so it was only a matter of time before someone released something like the WienerDrone. Take a look for yourself at the hotdog releasing drone that Oscar Mayer just featured:

What’s The Point Of The WienerDrone?

Fourth of July is coming up, and the hotdog delivering drone is part of a new fleet of vehicles that will be showcasing its hot dog delivering capabilities in Weiner, Arkansas. Yes, that is a real town.weinerdrone oscar mayer

Custom WienerDrone Quadcopter

Oscar Mayer’s WienerDrone is a customized drone that can carry a single hot dog encased in a box. The quadcopter is 24 inches long and 15 inches wide without the propellers. The drone is manually controlled by a pilot, and it looks like the operator has a radio controller without a screen. The lack of a phone or live view feature means that this drone will be operated within line of sight. The drone can hold a small hotdog package with a net wrapped around the hot dog box. According to the video, the net is still wrapped around the hot dog package when it reaches the target, so the drone must have something like a hook that can release the package on command. The WienerDrone will simply let go of the hotdog towards a target underneath it; this technique can be seen in drone drop test videos.

Oscar Mayer Introduces Wienerfleet

How Long Can The Drone Fly For?

The WienerDrone can stay in the air for twenty minutes, but it can only fly for fifteen minutes if it is carrying a hotdog.

Oscar Mayer Introducing Wienerfleet

The WienerDrone is simply a marketing vehicle for Oscar Mayer. The drone is a custom flying wiener mobile that can only deliver and carry one hot dog package, so this quadcopter will primarily be used for promotions and events. Is it the future of drone food delivery? Probably not, but it is definitely a new and genius way to attract customers to their Oscar Mayer wieners.


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