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What to Expect From The Consumer Drone Industry in 2017?




New drones from new companies

   New companies that are entering into the drone world need to consider a unique and innovative selling point to compete against today’s leaders in the industry. XDyanmics, a Hong Kong based drone company founded in 2015, is looking to hit the market by equipping their Evolve drone with the world’s first consumer dual-screen controller and a stylish single shelled carbon fiber chassis. Another upcoming drone to look forward to is the Shift. This contender can possibly have an improved version of the Yuneec’s wizard wand mixed with the portability of a Mavic or a Karma drone. The one handed controller it comes with has a featured thumb ring joystick, which makes this the first of its kind. Another first of its kind is the Aguadrone. This fish finding drone has an interchangeable pod system for different applications, and it is 100% waterproof! What do all these new drones have in common? Well, they all bring something new to the table.shift drone

The End of Karma or The Begining of New Karma?

  GoPro’s hand held gimbal grip may have been the greatest highlight of their new Karma drone, but the company’s weak sales and recent recall for all their drones due to a small percentage of units unintendedly falling out of the sky will be a major stumbling block for any future growth in their drone department. GoPro hasn’t officially made a statement on the return of the Karma. Since they promised to add new features, what will 2017 have in store for the Karma pilots? Will GoPro release a revamped Karma, will they create a Karma 2, or will this be the last of their drone? Let us know what you think and comment below.

GoPro Karma Fail

Photo by The Verge

Phantom 5 ?

It is only a matter of time before DJI listens to their customers and release a new phantom since the Phantom 4 Pro’s marketed side sensors surprisingly only worked under the beginner and tripod mode. If this company decides to release a P5, then it is safe to say that they will be implementing a side sensor that will actually work in normal P mode. The push to get the most out of these cameras is going to always fuel a demand for newer products. 4K and high megapixels seems to be the standard for every drone these days, so doing something unprecedented like offering an affordable drone with Leica and Hasselblad’s cameras can set DJI higher up the ladder. Before photographers start bashing this article, please note that a new mirrorless Leica costs less than 1000 USD, and the Huawei P9 cell phone is already engineered with Leica lenses, so why do we not just get it on a drone?  

new drones

Selfie Machines

2017 can be the year for selfie drones to truly establish themselves in the market, but the past releases such as Wingsland’s s6, ZeroTech’s Dobby pocket drone, and Yuneec’s Breeze were not that impressive. These drones are basically built for one job, but they have yet to offer the quality shots that they were made for. Most of these are showcased with semi great specs, but in reality the stabilization and overall photo is lacking. If a company can produce a legit selfie drone with high end stabilization, then there is still hope for these drones since selfies have been trending in today’s culture. dobby selfie drone

2017 Year of the Drone

We can expect a promising year for the drone industry, but be wary of the upcoming market that will be saturated with new developing drones. With upcoming releases and a booming demand from different fields, developments from top companies such as DJI and Yuneec are inevitable, but emerging companies may still find success with their task specific features, and the Karma may just be GoPro’s last drone. Rapid advancements in technology will only result in improvements in the drone world.

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