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We Talk UAV’s Dronetalk Episode 3 – Common Sense




dronetalk episode 3

This week on We Talk UAV’s Dronetalk Episode 3, a recap of recent drone news was covered but emphasis on drone common sense was the main topic. An alleged drone collision with a commercial aircraft in Quebec, Canada on October 12th brought concerns from the drone community. Currently, drone pilots can only fly near airport airspace if they get approval. If it was a drone that collided with the airplane “1,500 feet” in the air, then it was an unauthorized drone flight, according to CBC News. The possible drone collision is the first-of-its-kind in Canada. Being that the country just implemented stricter drone laws, this is anything but good news for Canadian pilots and drone operators at large. Dronetalk Episode 3 sheds light into using common sense to avoid airplanes with human passengers when flying drones.

How Can Drones Fly In Restricted Airspace?

Drone companies like DJI have implemented safety features into their drones, but a recent rise in hacked software allows UAVs to travel anywhere they want. There has been attempts to counter this technology. Hacked drones are still seen as a threat to government facilities and airports with a restricted airspace. Here in the US, the Army just got permission to down drones that are perceived as threats. With consumer drones on the rise, stricter regulations and anti-drone technology seem to be the focus for controlling the airspace.

dronetalk episode 3

Dronetalk Episode 3 – Common Sense

Flying drones can be useful for aerial perspectives, but illegally flying drones in commercial airspace should be a no brainer. The main message of Dronetalk Episode 3 was use common sense and don’t risk other people’s lives! Sure, airplanes are designed with redundant safety features, but numerous proven drone crashes would be fatal for the drone community. If more drones collide with commercial airplanes in the future, then governments will have to implement stricter drone laws and even ban drones in specific areas. One person’s actions has the power to affect the community. Promoting the illegal use of drones shouldn’t be encouraged since that itself can become a competition to see who can push the limits further, which is one of the reasons why some of these illegal drone flights happened in the first place.

Drone Artist of the Week: SkyWork_Productions

This week on Dronetalk Episode 3, a little planet photo, bird’s-eye-view shot and some landscape photos by SkyWork_Productions were featured. Droners can also submit their photos or videos to for a chance to get featured in next week’s Dronetalk.

dronetalk episode 3

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