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Watch world’s first passenger-carrying drone EHang184 take flight





And no need to worry too much about a system failure. With passenger safety at the forefront of the design process, the EHang 184 will feature multiple backup and redundant systems to insure passenger safety in the event of failure. These include multiple failsafes as well as a robust navigation system that is both adaptive and persistently aware.


EHang CEO Huazhi Hu said, “It’s been a lifetime goal of mine to make flight faster, easier and more convenient than ever. The 184 provides a viable solution to the many challenges the transportation industry faces in a safe and energy efficient way…I truly believe that EHang will make a global impact across dozens of industries beyond personal travel. The 184 is evocative of a future we’ve always dreamed of and is primed to alter the very fundamentals of the way we get around.”


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