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Watch this FPV drone fly as Superman!





The racing quad freestyled through lakes and mountains, and it even did flips and barrel rolls.


Compared to consumer drones, FPV quads have a different appeal because they are used for their immersive experience. Usually headsets are paired with a racing quad so that a pilot can see exactly what the drone sees, which can make someone feel as if they are actually flying. Besides racing, FPV quads have also been used by people with disabilities. FPV drones are normally flown for racing or freestyling, but someone on a wheelchair can still benefit from an immersive drone flight with something like a FatShark headset on.


Screenshot from Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño’s Youtube video.

Rotor Riot, another YouTube group, recreated a Star Wars drone chase with the help of FPV drones. Unlike UVify’s simple mod, Rotor Riot combined actual footage with special effects that were added in post.

Regardless of how one chooses to make their flights unique, FPV quads are something to truly consider.

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