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Watch this FPV drone fly as Superman!





FPV drones have different flight patterns compared to consumer drones like DJI’s quadcopters, so a San Francisco based drone company called UVify got creative and strapped a pair of Superman arms on a racing quad. The results are nothing short of amazing. Here is the VR-like YouTube video showing a first-person view of the drone with Superman arms sticking out in front of its camera:

Superman FPV

Similar to how action cameras are used to capture unique perspectives, UVify’s mod can make someone feel as if they are flying just like Superman. The aerial maneuvers mixed with music helps create a mesmerizing flight, but the great thing is anyone can do it. All one has to do is tape or glue some toy arms on the side of a quad. With a little bit of creativity, nearly anyone can make their own epic FPV flight.


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