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Watch this BMX biker flip inches away from a drone!





Here is the full video showing the various GoPro angles, along with the slow-motion drone footage:

Using a drone to film BMX can be risky

The major advantage of filming with a drone is its ability to capture unique angles, but there are also risks involved when flying bikes are mixed in the picture. Hucker may have successfully dodged the quadcopter while doing his trick, but he a professional. Other BMX riders, like this guy who destroyed a DJI Mavic while attempting a flip into a lake, show just how easy it is to miscalculate a jump.


Snapshot of UTVUnderground’s video shows a DJI Inspire falling after a car struck the drone while doing a backflip.

Risks will always be involved when attempting to capture up-close shots with a drone, especially when most quadcopters are equipped with a wide-angle lens. Even professionals have broken expensive drones in attempt to get as close as possible to the subject, so crashes are almost inevitable when the likes of cars flips are filmed. Modern action cameras are built to withstand damage from drops and slams, but drones can easily go down with a slight impact from another object. The risks are great when drones are used to film sports, but the footage they can capture speak for themselves.

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