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Watch this BMX biker flip inches away from a drone!





When it comes to capturing action sports, unique angles are sought after to give viewers a different point of view, and that’s exactly what Ride BMX did when they filmed their “New Perspective” video. By using multiple GoPro cameras and a Karma drone, the new video displayed everyday BMX biking in a new light. In one part of the video, a BMX biker nearly destroyed a drone while doing a flip. The near-miss trick was captured on film, and here is the behind-the-scenes footage from the perspective of the drone:

Pro BMX dirt rider Mike “Hucker” Clark did a backflip tailwhip off a 20-foot double ramp, while a GoPro Karma hovered to capture the flip from a bird’s-eye perspective. Hucker perfectly executed the trick only inches away from the quadcopter’s camera; the footage captured shows a close-up view of the midair flip.


Snapshot of cell phone footage from Ride BMX’s video.

“My bike went like around it,” said Hucker in the Ride BMX video. “I watched it go in between my bike, dude.”


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