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Watch: Activists crash Superman drone into nuclear power plant




Greenpeace activists in France have intentionally crashed a Superman-style drone into a nuclear facility to underline the poor security at the plant.

The stunt was carried out in a town called Bugey, 30 km from Lyon. Greenpeace flew the drone into restricted airspace surrounding the facility before piloting the drone towards its ultimate fate. They then posted the video to Facebook alongside a statement. In the video, we see a plastic Superman heroically gliding above a nondescript concrete facility. Within seconds, Superman flies directly into a concrete wall, causing his head to uncharacteristically snap off before he plunges to the ground below.

The French branch of Greenpeace claim they staged the crash to highlight the lack of security at such facilities and the risk posed to the French public. Greenpeace has an ongoing campaign against nuclear power and has carried out multiple actions  across France over the previous months, including breakins at toxic waste sites. France generates 75 percent of the nation’s electricity from such plants.

“This action has once again demonstrated the extreme vulnerability of French nuclear installations, designed for the most part in the 1970s and unprepared for external attacks,” the group wrote.

Greenpeace France’s chief nuclear campaigner Yannick Rousselet called for spent-fuel pools to be turned into bunkers “in order to make nuclear plants safer.”

Greenpeace have staged protests against nuclear weapons since the 1970s when boats laden with activists would travel to the Pacific ocean to protest nuclear tests conducted by France and the United States.

The video is viewable below:

Do you agree with the use of drones for activism? Can you think of other creative ways drones could be used during protests? Let us know!

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