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Walkera Voyager 5 can zoom up to 30x




voyager 5

30x optical zoom test!

The 30x optical zoom is best used for long distance inspections or search and rescue missions. Lorentzen also stated that the resolution started “falling off after 15x zoom” in his blog post. When the camera zoomed in all the way, a noticeable Jello Effect was reported. Lorentzen tested the Voyager 5 out in the desert, so heat haze could have been a possible factor.

voyager 5

LTE drone

voyager 5

Another feature of the Voyager 5 is its ability to fly in a swarm as a network connected drone. This feature is currently illegal to use in the United States, but it is being used in Asia. The Voyager 5 can be connected using an LTE mobile network, so it can be controlled remotely. Ideally, a police department can control multiple drones from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

voyager 5

If the United States started allowing network controlled drone swarms, then the Voyager 5 could be fully utilized. As of right now, the nearly $18,000 drone may be a difficult drone to justify, but industry-specific businesses may still find it useful enough to buy one.

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