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Walkera Voyager 5 can zoom up to 30x




voyager 5

The Voyager 5 is Walkera’s newest industrial-grade drone, and it was showcased at CES 2018. The drone looks similar to a Star Wars AT-AT Walker when it is folded, but the Voyager 5 is a serious UAV built for powerline inspections, search and rescue missions, police and military applications and even traffic enforcement. Besides the drone’s IP43 waterproof rating and a 41 minute flight time, it is equipped with a 30x optical zoom camera that can shoot in 4K. As attractive as it sounds for all-weather filming, YouTuber Bo Lorentzen explains why the $17,966 Voyager 5 is geared more towards industrial use in this review video:

Voyager 5 Specs

Voyager 5

Equipped with dual IMUs, dual compasses, dual GPS systems, obstacle avoidance, an infrared altimeter and an optical flow positioning module, the Voyager 5 is stacked with features to ensure a stable and safe flight. Its distance was rated to go as far as 3.1 miles, and it can fly up to 41 minutes without any payload thanks to its three battery redundancy system. When the drone is equipped with the 30x optical zoom camera, Lorentzen reported that the flight time dropped down to about 30 minutes. Other modules such as a thermal or a night vision camera can also be equipped on the drone. Its maximum payload capacity can hold up to 4.4 pounds, but the flight time will vary according to the payload.


Voyager 5

When folded, Voyager 5 looks similar to a Star Wars All Terrain Armored Transport Walker.

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