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VuFine High Definition Wearable Display – New Convenient Display

Derrick Threatt



VuFine is a high definition, wearable display that attaches to a wide variety of glasses via a magnetic docking station and can be connected to any device capable of outputting a 720p signal.


Simply plug the HDMI cable into VuFine and to your device, and then go! There are no apps to download, no new user interface to learn, simply plug in a device capable of outputting a 720P HDMI signal and VuFine will display it with at-a-glance convenience!

VuFine is a wearable display, Google Glass is a wearable computer. Unlike Google Glass, this technology simply facilitates the current functionality of a user’s devices by allowing them a new, convenient display.

This wearable display does not have an operating system or any proprietary software which allows it to avoid the potential downfalls of having a new, confusing user interface. VuFine also avoids privacy complaints associated with many smart glass products because it does not have a camera.

Check out more at the official website.


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