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Voliro Hexacopter: The Multidirectional Drone




This versatile drone is no ordinary six bladed drone, the Voliro is a hexacopter that can fly in any direction thanks to its tiltable propellers. This drone is currently in the research stage, but the team who designed it has already managed to create a working prototype. The Voliro can fly at any angle, and it can even fly upside down. With its unique ability to move, the possibilities for new aerial perspectives lies with this drone’s research. Here is a video of the Voliro in action:

A removable module system will be installed on the Voliro. Interchangeable camera modules can allow this drone to have an upgradeable camera feature. Since the Voliro has tiltable propellers, a gimbal may not even be necessary for smooth video footage.Voliro Hexacopter has 6 rotatable propellers

The Team

The team consists of only 11 Swiss students. They have been working on this project for only 9 months now. These students are from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Zurich University of the Arts. This multi-disciplinary group consists of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and design students. The team’s goal is to “…design a Hexacopter that can hover in any orientation in the air by decoupling its position and its orientation completely.voliro hexacopter team

Voliro Hexacopter Future Project Goals

Besides its 6 propellers that can individually rotate, the team has aimed to implement vision based tracking, a multi-directional ground rolling system, and the ability to fly the Voliro up against a wall. The Voliro will be able to scan the environment and track objects with a future stereo camera. A large rolling sphere in the middle of the drone is going to be installed to support the omnidirectional ground movement the team is aiming for. Since its propellers can individually rotate 360 degrees, the Voliro will be able to fly parallel to a wall and possibly arched surfaces. The projected large sphere might also help the Voliro in maintaining that consistent wall climb.

Voliro Hexacopter can fly in any direction.

The fact that this prototype is already flying is a great accomplishment for a small group of 11 students, especially since it has only been worked on for 9 months. Drones will have the ability to attain more unique aerial perspectives like tracking objects and shooting videos in new angles if this technology becomes mass produced. This project still has a long way to go, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on.


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