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Vodafone sets Guinness World Record with 149.166 mph drone!




“If Luke is going to push it too hard or push it to the limit going in too fast, a lot of things can go wrong,” said Thomson.

More about the pilot who set the Guinness World Record

In 2016, Luke Bannister was just 15 years old, but he was skilled enough to race an FPV drone against 150 other teams and win first place in Dubai’s World Drone Prix, according to Wired. His achievement was awarded with a $250,000 grand prize.

Didn’t another quadcopter set the fastest drone last year?

The Drone Racing League flew a quadcopter 163.5 mph back in July 2017 and was recognized by the Guinness World Record for flying the fastest quadcopter. Vodafone also has a world record for the fastest drone, but their record is for a more specific type of drone: a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV.

Snippet from Wingcopter’s website shows how a tiltrotor drone operates.

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