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VETO: California Bill SB 142 “Drone Tresspass Bill” Shot Down By Governor Brown!!!

Derrick Threatt



Governor Of Caliofornia Vetoed Flying Drones SB 142

Veto Drone Tresspass Bill

In a huge victory today for California, the Governor, vetoed SB 142 which would have made flying a drone below 350 over private property without the consent of the occupant or owner illegal.


California Governor Veto For Drones

Back in September the Governor similarly VETOED AB 1327 which prohibited law enforcement from flying without a warrant.

California Governor Veto For Drones

The Drone Industry in California is definitely happy this one didn’t pass. With all the bills can be redrafted and reintroduced.  I am sure industry professionals will be pushing hard for that not to happen anytime soon.



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