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UVify OOri is the world’s fastest micro drone





When OOri flew through a racing course at CES, the pilot often crashed the drone. Whether it was done on purpose or not, the crashes proved that the quadcopter could take a beating. Once the propellers and batteries were replaced, the drone continued to fly with ease. Two bolts are all that it takes for a propeller to be removed. Different propellers can be used to change the flight patterns, or propeller guards can be attached for additional safety.


Price and Availability

UVify estimated OOri’s release to be around March or April this year. Interested buyers can pre-order OOri from UVify’s official website for $289, but its official price will be $389.


OOri can hover like a quadcopter and fly like an FPV racer. Its small size and durable design makes it a suitable choice for beginners looking to try out FPV racing or even professionals who just want to fly for fun.

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