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Useful DJI Mavic Pro Accessories From

Derrick Threatt


on sent us some useful DJI Mavic Pro Accessories and we wanted to give them a try and tell you all about them.


I search daily for useful items to use in my drone business. My Mavic Pro is one of my most used machines and DJI Mavic Pro Accessories I can get to help me in daily use is a plus.  I spent a week with the parallel charger, the landing pad, the Lightning USB cord with 90-degree angle plug for iPad and the hard cases. I must say I was impressed with both the price and the quality of the products.

They were shipped to us DHL and we got them in about 3 days from China. This is on par with some of the shipping that I receive from Amazon at times.

How Did They Work?

I used the items over the period of about a week. The prices of the products were unbelievable and they held up to my real estate and TV commercial shoots during the week without a problem. The charger is amazing. I just wished it was a little more lightweight and compact. Given the amount of wattage it has, I think they did a great job. The DJI charger is ok if you do not need to charge all the batteries very quickly. The landing pad was very useful. It allowed me to use FPV to see the point of landing from a long distance and made the landings safer and more accurate. The cords and cases I was already using and I have always been a big advocate of the cases and the cords. I really like their cord set because of the price point. The one I was using previously was very expensive. These are more affordable and the quality is equal.

Watch Our Video!

I was going to write more about the items but I figured a video would tell a lot more than I could actually write about so I hope you enjoy it.

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