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Unboxing SMOVE Gimbals!





Combining aerial shots with mobile phone footage is easier than ever thanks to gimbals like SMOVE’s new stabilizers. 4K is becoming the standard for the latest phones like the iPhone X and Samsung S9, which means everyday phones are now suitable for content filming. SMOVE’s newest mobile gimbals allows users to shoot drone-like footage, so We Talk UAV did an unboxing video to show what customers can expect to get:

SMOVE Mobile unboxing

The first gimbal is a 3-axis mobile phone stabilizer that comes in a simple box. Once opened, a safety guide can be found on top of the actual gimbal. A micro USB cable, hand strap, and short cables for charging a phone with the gimbal are also included.


SMOVE Stabilizer

The other SMOVE product is a mobile phone stabilizer as well, but it is smaller and more portable. The 2-axis stabilizer doubles as a powerbank, and it can do automated panoramas. The company is even claiming it as the “#1 smartest stabilizer.”


The SMOVE 2-axis stabilizer comes in a small white box. The stabilizer, user manual, micro USB cables and a small pouch is all that is included in the box.


SMOVE campaigned on crowd funding site Indiegogo back in 2016, and they successfully raised $2,205,071. SMOVE is one of many emerging companies aiming to create gimbals for everyday mobile phones, but there are a lot of competition out there.


These three gimbals will be reviewed and compared in another video.

Just like drones, smartphone gimbals are created by competing companies, so We Talk UAV will do a review and comparison between the Zhiyun Smooth Q, DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and SMOVE Mobile.


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