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Ultimate Phantom 4 Pro FAQ- Everything you need to know!




Since we started posting articles and videos about phantom 4 Pro a lot  of subscribers started to ask us different questions in the comments you Facebook, YouTube and even email. So at this point we decided to make a Phantom 4 Pro FAQ for our audience.

Video version of Phantom 4 Pro FAQ:

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Text version of Phantom 4 Pro FAQ:

Q: Can Phantom 4 Pro version with the built-in RC Screen run 3rd party apps (litchi, autopilot etc.)?
A: No, it can not. In order to use those app, you need to purchase a cheaper version of Phantom 4 Pro without the built-in screen.

Q: Why the side sensors not working all the time?
A: Because TOF Side sensors are only working in the Beginner mode and Tripod mode. They are made to help the pilot with flying in the narrow spaces indoors.

Q: How does the new smart RTH feature works?
A: The new Smart Return Home forms a map of its environment in real-time. The aircraft will choose the best flight path to return home and senses as far as 300m to avoid obstacles more effectively. If the control signal is lost, the Phantom 4 Pro will retrace its original path to regain its connection after 1-minute. When it reconnects, it will return to home following a straight route. If it fails to regain connection, it will also revert to straight line RTH.

Q: Will Phantom 4 Pro stop landing if it’s landing above the water?
A: Yes, but only in auto landing mode and in RTH mode. It will not stop in few cases: 1.if you have already reached critical battery level (10%) 2. If it’s a storm in the sea and there are too much waves.

Q: Can P4 batteries be used on P4P?
A: Yes. P4 and P4P batteries and interchangeable.

Q: Can you life stream from P4P+?
A: Yes.  It supports streaming to Facebook Youtube, Weibo and some other networks. However you will need a wi-fi connection to do so.

Q: Is the new super bright tablet removable?
A: No, it’s not.

Q: How to record the screen with Phantom 4 Pro inbuilt monitor?
A: You can not record the screen. You only can take a screenshots.

Q: Does new controller has a microphone and what it’s made for?
The mic is built-in the remote controller is meant to be used while doing live stream. Adding comments to your aerial video might make more interesting.

Q: Can I connect one more device to P4P+?
A: No. Even if you connect it via USB nothing will happen.

Q: What will I see of I connect P4P RC to the TV via HDMI?
A: You will see 100% same image as on the RC Screen will all the settings panels, telemetry and other dashboards.

Q: What is the advantage of using new H.265 codec?
A: H.265 retains 50% more information than H.264, creating more detailed and vivid images.

Q: Is there any difference between the front and back obstacle avoidance systems?
A: No, they are absolutely identical.

Q: Are the Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro remote controllers compatible with each other?
A:No. Even though they look very similar, P4P uses 2 different frequencies 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz that is why it can’t be used with regular Phantom 4 and vice versa.

Q: Can I use the Phantom 4 propellers ona Phantom 4 Pro?
A: Yes, they are the same.

We believe that after this Q&A we will receive even more questions. So If you want to ask something, please leave us a comment down below or in the video comments on Youtube. If we get enough questions we will be making Phantom 4 Pro FAQ Part 2 or updating this one with the new questions and answers.

If you find this FAQ useful, please share it with your friends and spread the knowledge!

Thank you for reading! 


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