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Uber Eats aims to use drones to deliver “flying burgers!”




Uber Eats

Once Uber Eats starts delivering food via drones, waiting times will be drastically reduced. The convenience of purchasing food through an app and having it delivered to a doorstep within minutes will redefine the fast food industry.

Uber Eats

Customers will be able to place orders using the Uber Eats app. A drone will then drop off food to locals within five minutes.

Uber also has drone taxis!

Besides food deliveries via drone, Uber discussed plans for their passesnger drones, which are also known as drone taxis. Their drone taxis will first be piloted by a human pilot since safety is a priority. Eventually, Uber’s drone taxis will be designed to fly autonomously. Drone taxis were actually revealed by Uber back in November 2017, but landing sites called Skyports were discussed at the conference. These concept launch sites were described to revolutionize transportation.

Uber Eats

Video snippet shows one of Uber’s concept landing sites. These launch pads will have multiple levels and charging stations. Customers will be able to order a ride via app.

The conference spanned for two days, revealing Uber’s ambitious plans to change everyday transportation. With drone delivery testing already approved in San Diego, Uber is now one step closer to making their concepts in reality.

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