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Uber Eats aims to use drones to deliver “flying burgers!”




With the approval of the UAS integration Pilot Program, Uber announced plans to use drones to deliver food in San Diego, California. The test trial announcement was made by Uber’s Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahiat at a Los Angeles annual conference called Uber Elevate Summit on Wednesday. Khosrowshahi explained that their Uber Eats online food platform will be able to deliver food to doorsteps via courier or drone within five to 30 minutes. Here is a video showing Uber’s plans for drone-assisted food deliveries:

“It’s my personal belief that a key to solving urban mobility is flying burgers in any city,” said Khosrowshahi. “We need flying burgers. Everyone needs it, so we’re working on that.”

Uber Eats

Video snippet shows Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi explaining delivery food via drone.

Uber Eats will still use human drivers or couriers to deliver food within 30 minutes. Uber’s delivery drones still have testing to go through, but the aim for aerial food delivery is estimated to take around five minutes.

“We’re the largest food-delivery business in the world now, and this is a business we started two and half years ago,” said Khosrowshahi.

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