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Uber seeks new executive to make drone food deliveries a reality by 2021




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What else is Uber up to?

Next year, Uber are eyeing a potential Initial Public Offering (offering the public the opportunity to invest) and the company could be worth as much as $120 billion. Food delivery could be an extremely lucrative business for Uber.

Flying food is the type of project that is intuitively appealing. We all like to eat and fast food and according to Statista, the Fast Food Industry is worth close to $200 billion in the United States alone. If Uber can pull this off, they will be making more money than Mexican cartels.

Uber isn’t the only big tech player working on drone deliveries. We recently wrote about how Amazon patented a chute for gently dropping off parcels. IBM also recently applied for a patent relating to a set of technology that could help a drone identify when someone ‘needs caffeine’ and offer them coffee.

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