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UAV headlines from around the globe: Drone helps man to cheat at horse racing, Long Island man shoots down drone and more!




Here are some of the latest drone stories from around the globe:

United Kingdom: 

UK police were called to a horse-racing track in Leicester after a drone was spotted hovering over the course as the horses were running. It is suspected that the images broadcast from the drone were a few seconds ahead of footage broadcast on TV. This gave those who made in-race spot bets from the drone feed an unfair advantage compared to those who watched the race on TV. The drone owner has been warned by police and racecourse owners to stay away.

Racecourse owner Nick Lees was quote by SkySports as saying of the man: “It’s not doing us any harm particularly at the moment – but he shouldn’t be doing it really.”

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United States:

New York:

A man in Long Island, New York, has shot down a drone that was in the midst of searching for a missing dog.

The drone was a Mavic 2 Zoom and belonged to a group called Missing-Angels Long Island, an organization that finds missing pets.

Missing-Angels used GPS to identify the point at which their drone became unresponsive. Police arrested and charged 26-year-old Gerard Chasteen with criminal nuisance and prohibited use of a firearm. Chasteen used his shotgun to fire three shots at the Mavic from his yard which brought the $1250 drone crashing to the ground.

Chasteen is reported to have said that he didn’t like the drone flying over his house.

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NASA is testing out a drone traffic management system in Nevada. To set up the tests, NASA teamed up with NASA The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems in Las Vegas and the Lone Star UAS Center for Excellence and Innovation in Corpus Christi, Texas.

With the possibility of many drones flying simultaneously in urban areas, being able to effectively manage the movements of UAVs is very important.

A NASA cartoon of how cities of the future may see many drones flying at any one time.

The tests will simulate a populated urban environment and be conducted between March and June in downtown Reno, Nevada. The tests that are conducted during this time may influence future drone laws and regulations.

Additional tests are set to be conducted in July and August.

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