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UAV allegedly cuts woman’s nose – Warning: graphic pictures included





On a Friday afternoon on May 25, a drone allegedly struck a woman in the face while she was walking home from work in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, according to KSL. The woman said she was listening to a podcast with headphones on, so she couldn’t hear the drone fall from the sky. The woman suffered a deep gash on her nose. When she left the area to clean her wound, she returned to find the drone missing.


Photo credit: KSL


“I knew that my face broke it. I knew it was white. I knew it landed in front me, and by the time I got back out here, it could have been 10 minutes, it was gone,” said Erin Rubens in a KSL video interview.

Screenshot from KSL’s video. “I felt my face and I looked down and saw it was a drone and I was bleeding all over,” said Rubens in a KSL interview.

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