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The U.S. Army Can Now Shoot Down Trespassing Drones




U.S. Army

Last month, the U.S. Airforce requested to have the authority to take down drones. Now, The U.S. Army has gained the right to disable, track, and shoot down unauthorized UAVs. Flying drones in airports, military bases, and sports stadiums is already illegal, but having the right to physically disable drones by force is something new. The FAA worked with the U.S. Government to create the new restrictions, and the classified policy was approved last July. This new policy affects 133 U.S. military bases.

U.S. Army

How Close Can You Fly Your Drone Before It Gets Shot Down?

The U.S. Army hasn’t specifically stated how close a drone has to be before it gets shot down. According to Navy Times, Navy Captain Jeff Davis said, “[it] will depend upon the specific circumstances.” This puts the new policy in a gray area because the U.S. Army hasn’t elaborated if they can shoot incoming drones that are only in the vicinity of the restricted air space. If they deem a UAV a “threat,” then they’ll most likely shoot it down even if it’s just on the outskirts of their restricted base.

U.S. Army

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