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Create Two Worlds Effect With Your Drone Footage




Before we start talking about two worlds effect you can read my boring thoughts and how I came to the idea of this effect. But if you’d like to get straight to the point please jump straight into the video.

The other day I’ve been looking for a picture I took with my drone couple of years ago and found some of my old video footage that I have recorded with my DIY H4 quadcopter and GoPro Hero 4 Back edition. My first thought was: This video sucks. And in fact, it had nothing to do with a camera, because for that time Hero 4 black was first and arguably the best action camera capable of shooting 4K. The problem was that the footage that I shot was extremely boring. And I found that many people who are new to the cameras (not only drones) have that problem as well.  So me and my buddies from We Talk UAV started thinking about different ways of transforming boring footage into something that worth sharing.

Make two worlds effect with your drone footage to give your old uninteresting videos a brand new creative look. Here is how you do it:

Hope you enjoyed it!

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